JLM_5106At Christ Church, we have a lot of questions! Some are basic, like how is it there’s suffering in a world created by God? Some are more complicated, like what does the Trinity mean for our life and relationships today? If you have questions, big or small, consider joining us for one of these opportunities to delve deeper into the meaning of … everything! 

At Christ Church, we value the continual growth of adult Christian faith.  So much of what we have learned as children has new ramifications in our adult experiences of the world.  Our world challenges us to continue to work at our understanding and practices of our faith.  In order for our faith to remain both relevant to our lives and useful to the world we must grapple with the applications of faith in our daily situations.  Join us for stimulating topics and conversations, including:

Sunday morning forums: We gather at 9:40 a.m., from September through May, during our Sunday School time. All sessions are planned by parish members. If you have a topic or two you’d like to see us address, or if you’d be willing to present on your favorite topic of interest, contact the church office.

We also invite you to consider the in-depth classes offered through the School for Formation with the Episcopal Church in Minnesota. Classes are held around the Twin Cities, and through online forums.