Music Ministries

Christ Church Choir DSC01595We love music at Christ Church. If you love to listen to beautiful music, or love to make it, our community has a place for you.

Cantors lead our services, and it’s often a family ministry. Mothers sing with daughters and our guitar player accompanies his wife. You can often find our cantor leading us in song with his children held in his arms.

Our choirs are making music a few times each month — contact our music director to sing with that ministry.

Our young people will be singing periodically in our worship service, and learning the songs occasionally during our education hour. We welcome your involvement in that ministry.

Young members play instruments at our Easter and Christmas services, bringing in cellos, xylophones and brass instruments to accompany our piano. We have been known to break out in applause after a musical number.

If you like to sing, or just like to enjoy great music, we’d love for you to join us.